"Grassroots marketing is the nuts
and bolts of every successful
marketing campaign."
- Rhetta Peoples, CEO

A Grassroots Marketing and Non-Traditional Public Relations Company

"Grassroots marketing is the nuts and bolts of every single successful marketing campaign under the sun. It's the flyers, posters, word-of-mouth, emails, text messages, event listings, area and neighborhood canvassing...It’s the fancy 'foot action' we give it, the labor no one else has the time or energy to do and the handshaking and smiles that go along with it. It compliments every aspect of traditional and non-traditional marketing by meeting potential customers exactly where they are. Miss the opportunity to tighten the nuts and bolts of your advertising and marketing campaign and you've missed the opportunity to push your product, service or event ahead of the competition."

-Rhetta Peoples
Chief Executive Officer

Our Services

  • Distribution of flyers
  • Distribution of posters
  • Diverse staffing for events
  • Walking Billboards
  • Sidewalk Chalking
  • Distribution of coupons
  • Distribution of sample products
  • Email blasts
  • Creative Development
  • Political Consulting
  • Political and Corporate Crisis Public Relations and Management

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