Creative Street Marketing & Public Relations Group

Creative Street Group

Creative Street Marketing and Public Relations Group, LLC was formed in 2008. It was designed for two purposes:  to build brand and increase awareness, sales, and traffic via experiential/grassroots marketing and to strategically help businesses, politicians, and major corporations effectively and handle corporate crisis by increasing good press and minimizing negative press.

Public Relations and Marketing Specialist Rhetta Peoples have successfully spent the last 16 years helping clients market and promote their businesses locally, regionally, and nationally. After becoming aware of the idea that all great promotions start with a grassroots effort, Rhetta decided the most effective means to increase her client’s sales would be to begin and end each promotion with an honest street marketing team that will deliver the work we promise.

When it comes to Crisis and Political Public Relations, Creative Street Marketing and Public Relations Group works hands on with our clients and on behalf of our clients to meet all goals and objectives outlined in our scope of work. Each campaign and issue comes with its own set of goals and responsibilities and our team is more than equipped to handle local, regional, and national projects.


What We Do

At Creative Street Marketing we help you identify your target market and creatively reach that group through exceptional creative development. After we have determined who is most likely to use your product goods, or service, we inform that potential customer via, flyers, coupons, sampling, etc. Distribution of flyers, posters, coupons, sample product, etc is distributed at retail outlets, schools, churches, malls, events, and a host of other places. Creative Street Marketing Group will always be found amongst your target demographic.


How We Do It

We blanket your target market by entrenching your message in their community. Your target market will see your message where they live, work, and play. Our street team will become knowledgeable about your event, product, or service and will gain all the necessary information, from you, to answer frequently asked questions.



  • Distribution of flyers
  • Distribution of posters
  • Diverse staffing for events
  • Walking Billboards
  • Sidewalk Chalking
  • Distribution of coupons
  • Distribution of sample products
  • Email blasts
  • Creative Development
  • Political Consulting
  • Political and Corporate Crisis Public Relations and Management