Event Activation & Experiential Marketing

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When you sponsor an event your company should SHINE! When you have a booth space on site, you should be the best thing at the event! Your look should be clean, your message should be clear and your street team should be true Brand Ambassadors! Ones that know your business and can speak intelligently on your products and/or services. We can help you utilize your sponsor dollars most effectively. It is our charge and we want to be able to make sure you reach your target demographic effectively. Give us a callĀ and give us a chance to help you reach your goals.

Developing a marketing plan…

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So often we develop marketing plans and completely forget the nuts and bolts of our marketing campaigns. Why? Because we have salespeople from various media outlets that can make a television or a radio schedule look like it’s the bomb diggity…like it’s the only thing you will ever need to increase sales, revenue, traffic or branding.

Here’s Breaking News: It’s NOT! Electronic media is not the end all be all and street marketing should always be in your media plan. Put some real dollars behind it and make sure that you reach out to a team like ours (particularly ours :) and get the creative ideas you need to develop the best overall plan. Hit your goals. Make your budgets and breeze through the year with awesome branding and fantastic direct response programs.

Go for it! We will be behind you all the way!